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Seamless gutters are installed in one full roll, which means that there are no breaks in the gutter system. Connective points of sectional gutters are what cause a majority of gutters problems; the seams are where breakage and leaks will typically occur. When these problems develop, your gutters are rendered use, and if you don’t have the problem fixed as soon as possible, a lot of damage could be done to your home.

At Good’s Roofing, our professional Burton roofing contractors can help you install seamless gutters at your home so that you never need to worry about this time of damage occurring. Many homeowners may have questions about seamless gutters, especially if they’re considering having them installed. Here are a few of the most common questions about seamless gutters that we receive:

How Do Seamless Gutters Differ From Sectional Gutters?

The biggest difference between seamless and sectional gutters is that because there is no seam in a seamless gutter, there are no leaks. Seamless gutters are custom designed to fit your Burton home, and we’ll make sure that they’re perfectly installed on your property.

With conventional sectional gutters, there are many sections of gutters that are all pieced together by snap-in-place connectors. Over time, these sections will develop leaks and cause wood to rot behind the gutters.

What Are the Benefits of Seamless Gutters?

Benefits of seamless gutters include:

>> Significantly reduced possibility of leaks
>> No unsightly seams
>> Baked on enamel finish never needs painting
>> Formed on the job for exact measurements
>> Many colors to choose from
>> Protects the beauty and the health of your home

When Do You Need to Replace Gutters?

If the exterior of your house has mold or peeling paint, it could be a sign that your gutters need fixing or replacing. Snow and ice can build up within the gutters, causing damage or leaks to the home.

Clogged downspouts and debris in your gutters can cause them to sag or pull away from your home. This can leave standing water in your gutters which will attract insects and promote mold growth.

Other signs that the gutters may not be working correctly are cracks in the foundation of your Burton house or water in the basement. Clogged gutters can cause water buildup, forcing it to overflow and causing water buildup around the foundation.

Are Colors Available?

Yes! A wide variety of different colors are available for seamless gutters. The high quality baked enamel finish never needs painting, and you’ll always be able to find a great match for your home.

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