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In our area of the country, Burton residents can have roof problems that are common for cold climates. Winter months throw plenty of ice and snow at us, which can wear down our roof top structures much more quickly than would be expected. Unless we have good quality roofing materials that last, our roofs in Michigan can go through a lot during all our seasons.

Wind, sun, and rain alone can affect the roof shingles and underlying materials. Sun and wind can dry out the shingles, and rain can allow moisture in causing all sorts of problems with mold, mildew, or algae. In Burton, it’s not uncommon to see black or green stains on roof tops.

Algae, moss, and lichens can grow on your home’s roofing and other building materials. When these organisms take over your roof structure, you can wind up with more than cosmetic issues. These are fast growing substances that thrive on roof shingles and other materials that homes are built of. On roof shingles, the limestone material is what they eat.

Whether it’s algae, mold, or mildew, with the right conditions they can take over your roof top. These organic nuisances prefer to live in dark, moist places. With our humidity factors, there are prime times of year where they can thrive. They look for hidden places to grow, which on roofs are often very hard to get to.

Moss grows wherever there is shaded conditions exposed to dampness. Roof tops covered by trees that block sunlight can be prime territory for moss or lichens to grow. The more sun exposure there is, the less organic matter will grow on the roof or siding of homes.

Professional roof inspections can help you locate and identify these stubborn and difficult to remove substances. But there are other roof problems common to Burton residents that can work to destroy your roof.

Snow and Ice Dams

Snow can heavily weigh down the roof and cause it to collapse if it builds up too high on your roof structure. Ice dams can form as well, causing extensive damages to the roof and building structure. The ice dam can also be dangerous if anyone happens to be below when the ice breaks off the roof as it melts.

Hail & Debris Impacts

Whether it’s hail, debris, or tree branches that fall on your Burton roof, the damage can shorten the life of your roof shingles. Hail storm impacts make tiny dents in asphalt shingles, creating small stress fractures all the way through the material. Moisture can infiltrate the cracks and can harbor the growth of mold or mildew. Trees can do much more extensive damage to your roof structure, including breaking completely through the decking and on into your attic space.

All these roofing problems can be resolved by a professional roofer. In the Burton, Michigan area, the professional roofers at Good’s Roofing, can help you with all your roofing needs including professional roof inspections. If you believe your roof may have suffered some damages, give the experts at Good’s Roofing a call.

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