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Let us inspect your attic insulation & provide the best solution

When homes aren’t made with enough insulation, or wear and tear over time makes it lose its effectiveness, we can help. We can also upgrade certain sections of your home that don’t have insulation or a DIY addition did not include the necessary insulation. Whatever the reason, if your home is in need of insulation, our technicians can accommodate. We have the state of the art tools and the training to apply insulation quickly and accurately. That is why we are the number one choice for insulation services in Greater Burton.

Good's Roofing has proudly provided homeowners in Fenton, Davison, Lapeer, Burton, Flushing and nearby with quality insulation since 1997. Contact us today for insulation in your attic!

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Good's Roofing cares about your home comfort

One of the many material aspects of a home is your insulation; the pink fluffy material in your attic and walls. Insulation is an extremely important part of your home because it helps keep energy where it should be. Things like wood frames, sheetrock, plaster and alike materials are rife with pores, cracks and holes. These materials provide essential structure and protection, but they weren’t designed to hold in energy.

Without proper insulation, any temperature change of the outside would shift the temperature inside. Likewise, all heated or cooled air inside would escape outside until your power bill was outrageous and your indoor temperature felt mostly like the outside all of the time. Good's Roofing is your roofing contractor to install quality attic insulation.

Our insulation specialists provide the following services:

Blown Insulation

Attic Inspections

Insulation Batts

Insulation Installation

The Good's Roofing difference

Whether you need blown insulation in your attic or sheets installed behind your drywall, we can get the job done. We know exactly what it takes to properly insulate your home and we extend professional and prompt service on every job.

Even if you have insulation, if you can see any part of your attic’s floor you could use some more. By adding layers of insulation to your home you will effectively further fortify it from infiltrating energy. The insulation also traps your conditioned air inside, disallowing transfer of heat. This will significantly reduce your energy expenditures on a monthly basis. The savings will continue to accrue, paying for the costs of installation many times over.

Get an attic insulation inspection & quote today!

If you aren’t sure whether you could use more insulation we will gladly conduct an attic inspection. Not only do we look at your insulation but also your ventilation to give you a thorough assessment of your energy efficiency opportunities.

If you discover your energy bills are skyrocketing and you aren’t sure why, likely you have an efficiency problem within your insulation or your roof. The experts at Good's Roofing can quickly identify the root of this problem and offer affordable solutions.


"The entire crew was extremely polite, informative, and hard-working!"
- Robert Mt. Morris, WI

"If you need a roof you need to call Kelly Good."
- Rc W. Swartz Creek, MI

"Good's Roofing was the company that I hired to install my new roof, their work is impeccable, the owner and crew work as a team."
- Toni Swartz Creek, MI

"You can be sure that Rick and I will recommend Good's Roofing to everyone we know."
- Sharon Columbiaville, MI

"If somebody treats me well, then I can patronize them. But Kelly's always treated me well and I've had him out there three different times now. And the first time is the same as the last."
- Larry F Columbiaville, MI

"Good's Roofing came out and they did a great job. They respected us and...the job was excellent."
- Charol C Columbiaville, MI

"I called Good's Roofing because they did a job for my brother."
- Carl H Fenton, MI

"All I can say is keep doing what you are doing."
- Virginia H Fenton, MI

"Wish there were 10 stars to rate Good's Roofing. Will definitely pass the word of their great service to anyone asking about their work."
- Diane J Burton, MI

"Good solid company. Good management, friendly and efficient sales representatives, and good quality work from its labor force."
- Michael R Burton, MI

"Awesome to deal with!! Extremely Professional Knowledgable & Timely!! Recommend them to everyone!"
- Matt S Burton, MI

"Highly satisfied with skills & knowledge. Courtesy deserves an award. It's a blessing to be treated as a viable human being. Thanks!!!"
- Virginia Burton, MI



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